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Storefront, Oakland, CA 1993-1994

Collaboration with Harrell Fletcher.

Over a two-year period of time this project presented exhibitions, events, and actions based solely on the life and everyday activities of people in the neighborhood (which we defined as a roughly 5 block radius around the gallery). Shows included-- Garage Sale: each week a different local household was invited to bring their garage sale items to the gallery where they would be exhibited during the week. Objects were tagged with stories of their use and the reason(s) why they were being sold. During the weekend the objects were sold in the gallery by members of the household; Dick's Garden: a show documented our experiences over a two month period as we worked with a local resident on a Dr. Seuss-like garden he created in a neighborhood apartment courtyard; and Albert Keshishian, an exhibit based on the life and experiences of a man who owned the rug store across the street.