Human to Robot Army

Mattress Factory Museum, 2008

Collaboration with John Pena

Throughout the run of this project individual and group hypnosis sessions, lead by professional hypnotist John Weir, were held at the Mattress Factory. Through a series of exercises John Weir asked participant subjects to think like a "robot" upon hearing a given trigger word. Each subject supplied their phone number and was given a call randomly each day during the three months of the project. Upon answering the phone they were given their trigger word which would induce them to think like a "robot" for a short period of time. All of the subjects, wherever they were, were activated together at a random time each day. 150 unique recruiting posters (each one showing a different possible human/robot) were placed throughout the city to solicit participation and make the public aware of the possibility of activated subjects.

Poster Design Brett Yasko