Oxford Circle

Oxford Circus Underground (London) Curated by THE THING Quarterly in collaboration with Levis Made and Crafted  Dates: July 29th through August 12, 2013


Part One: Multiple advertising spaces in the Oxford Circus Underground (London) will show a photograph of a man seemingly waiting for a train. The photo will be stark and beautiful, the man's face filled with gravitas. No one else will be in the photo but the man.

Part Two: Each weekday during rush hour, for the duration of the images' display, the actual man depicted in the photo (in the same clothes as he wears in the photo) will be in the Oxford Circus Underground station waiting for a train. He will not board any train. As people arrive at the platform they will see the photos of the man in the ad spaces and might recognize him waiting on the platform. As everyone boards the train and empties the platform, the man will be left standing there alone (much as in the picture). As their train pulls away from the station people might recognize the lone figure as the lone figure they saw in the ad spaces.

Part Three: Each day the man will write in a notebook things that he hears other people on the platform saying, including any questions or statements directed at him. This writing will be presented on this blog.

Man: Michael Crowe, Photographer: Chris Floyd

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