The Boy Mechanic

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, SF 1999

Collaboration with Mark Thompson and Harrell Fletcher

This installation was part biography/ part autobiography based on Mark's life and dreams. The show reconstructed the acre of land Mark grew up on through a variety of works that dealt with Mark's daydreams and history. Some elements of the installation included: a video of us carrying Mark on our backs digitally altered to give the impression that Mark is flying, a portable rubber-coated plywood duck pond, a 65' by 25' full scale section of a zeppelin made from ironing board material, portable plywood trees built to replicate those that used to be on Mark's property, a active observation bee hive located in the gallery courtyard that was projected via live video feed into a tent made of wax, a rowboat cut into three individual sections for each artist and a photo-document of its intended use, and a custom built pair of camouflage waders that simultaneously fits our three bodies.