Three Views of a Mountain

4th Anyang Public Art Project, Anyang, South Korea  (2014)


Three Views of a Mountain was a performance/journey that took one participant at a time into the complicated lives and experiences of three North Korean defectors . 

Basic process:

A participant is met by a guide in a cafe at the base of the Anyang's Gwanak Mountain. The guide then takes the participant on a hour-long hike through the mountain to a minimalist architectural pavilion called the Elements House (designed by Sami Rintala). During the hike the guide describes various myths and flora relating to the mountains of North Korea. Upon arrival at the Elements House the participant is left alone to enter and meet with three North Korean defectors. The main rooms in the pavilion have been rebuilt as replicas of the walls and flooring of a room in the home of each defector. Each defector then leads the participant through a series of intimate experiences that occurred within each room. After visiting each room, the participant is given directions down the mountain and back to the cafe where they started.