Wanderings and Observations

Bedford Gallery, Walnut Creek, CA 1998

Collaboration with Harrell Fletcher.

Installation documenting some of our random experiences in the town of Walnut Creek, California. The installation included: large scale mural painting of 26 birthmarks collected from local people's bodies, enlarged photograph of a snapshot of a couple we found with a LED screen that sequentially scrolls the names of every couple in the Walnut Creek phone directory, oil paintings based on maps that were drawn by locals giving us directions from one garage sale to the next, animal figurines collected from those garage sales, 35 foot fabricated neighborhood constructed from images of houses taken from local real estate magazine, slow motion video projection showing audience members during an intermission of a Don Giovanni performance that occurred in a theater upstairs from gallery, 4x4 photos of weeds found around the gallery building, video of current-day Main Street projected on photo of Main Street 1905, an on-going collection of photos taken by parking enforcer of all the cars she ticketed during our show, sculptures recreated from memory of two individuals involved in minor accident that we saw outside the gallery, 12 photo albums belonging to gallery docents that are viewed in depth when the album's owner is explaining our show, spot on the gallery floor that behaves like an echo chamber, and a video of a walk down the center of the creek that Walnut Creek was named after.